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7 Surprising Fact About Chantelle Lingerie House

Innovation that shaped todays lingerie

The company Chantelle was originally founded in 1876 at a time when women wore corsets each and every day to enhance their shape to accent their natural curves. Just two years later they were the first company to provide fabric for lingerie that stretched in not just one, but two directions making the corsets women wore more comfortable because of the give the corsets gave them. It didn't take long for others to follow suit to create the stretchy underwear that we can find today at every underwear store.

British Influence

At the beginning of the 1960s Chantelle launched their new bra range. Wanting to succeed and surpass expectations the company hired a corset maker from Britain known as Miss Hadley. Her secrets for creating new lingerie to fit the new fashionable shape had been passed from one generation to another to create the beautiful lingerie we see today in the Chantelle range. If you credit Madonna for those pointy bra's worn in her video's look further back in history as it was a similar shape that created the original bra.

Chantelle led the way with lace undies

The underwear we see in numerous lingerie stores made from beautiful lace was inspired by the Chantelle range 'Fete'. When it was first launched it immediately became a hit with woman and in the first year along over a million units were sold, with each year that passed the sales for the innovative lace lingerie continued to soar.

First real support

Just two years after the popular 'Fete' lace collection was released another innovative design was released and lapped up by the public. Chantelle were the first to create the seamless bra which also had moulded cups which gave women the support they needed and wanted.

Still changing with the times

By the time we hit the early 80's fashion had changed, women were again showing more cleavage which meant the demand for bra's that allowed for this was high. By listening to what the customers wanted Chantelle released yet another range which led to the expansion of their company to America where a subsidiary was created. As well as keeping the customers design ideas in mind to meet their fashion needs Chantelle didn't drop the quality of their items and kept the attention to detail they swore by from day one.

Confirmed as a premium lingerie provider

Starting out small in the beginning the hard work of the team at Chantelle paid off just after the millennium when it was confirmed they were the leading provider of premium French Lingerie leading them to their ad campaign which described them as dressers of the world's women.

Sometimes you have to move back to go forward

Although the heavy uncomfortable corsets were disbanded in previous years the girdle was recreated to give women the sexy shape they had always wanted without having to compromise on comfort. The figure of women wearing the new style girdle felt sexier and were able to hide a multitude of sins thanks to the clever design.

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