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Amazing Facts About Bra Sizes

Most woman, at some point in their lives, struggle with identifying what their bra size is. Some women have gone through drastic weight changes that alter the size of breast. Some women, especially young girls, go through hormonal changes that may cause them to have to shift from wearing a training bra to an actual bra with a band and cup size. Other women become pregnant, breastfeed, and then eventually stop breastfeeding; all which cause drastic fluctuations in the bra size. Here are some interesting things to know about bra sizes.

Your bra size is dependent on your measurements. It is amazing how there are women who are so well-trained in bra sizes that they can simply look at you and tell what size bra you need to wear. For those of us who are not that gifted, we take the measurements of our upper body into consideration when finding out our cup size. The method that works best for women is to measure the rib cage, right under the fold of the breast, to get the band size, and then the largest part of the chest while wearing a good fitting bra.

It is very important to get fitted in a store and then try on the bra to see if it fits right. The difference in measurements between the rib cage and the most protruding part of your chest will determine your cup size. For example, woman who measures a 34 at her rib cage and a 36 in the chest area has a difference in measurements of two. You then take that number and work your way up the bra alphabet to reveal the letter B. Therefore the woman is a 34B. If the woman measures a 35 at her rib cage and a 40 at her chest, she will need to go up to the nearest whole number, 36, and work her way up five letters in the bra alphabet. You may think this means she wears an E cup, but in actuality she will wear a 36DD. The bra alphabet is very different then reading alphabet in that there is a double D before a triple D, also known as E, and in some countries there in a double H.

When it comes to womenâs bra sizes, sometimes the size of the band will differ (depending on weight fluctuations), the letter of the cup will differ (as a result of the band difference), but the SIZE of the cup may remain the same. For example, a woman who wears a 34C will have the same exact cup size as a woman who wears a 36B. The actual cup used in creation of the bra is the same exact size. What makes the bra size different is band. While both women may have the same sized breast, the measurements around the rib cage may give the illusion that one womanâs breasts are bigger than the other. If you remove the bands from a 34C and a 36B bra, hold the remaining cups together, you will see that they are the same exact size.

If you chose to purchase a bra that is a 36B when you are a 34C, depending on the measurement of your rib cage, you may be able to get away with it. This is called the âsister sizeâ. A sister size indicates that the size of the cups used in the bra are the same even though the band is different. So when you are choosing your next bra, make sure you are properly measured, and the bra you buy is a great fit with no spillage or extra room.

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