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How To Start A Practical And Fashionable Clothing Collection

If you are looking to update your wardrobe it's not all about finding clothing for a night out, although it is important to bear in mind. If you have been looking through your wardrobe regularly looking for clothes that look good together it's time to have a total overhaul and instead create a fashionable clothing collection that is also practical enough to be worn each day whether for work, play or resting. It doesn't matter what body shape you are, what styles you like. There's a clothing collection out there that will compliment you perfectly so you always look your best whatever the occasion.

Time for a clear out

The first step to creating your new clothing collection is to get rid of the old things you no longer wear or have been holding onto for way too long even though they don't compliment you. When sorting through old clothing think about whether or not you would choose the items to buy if they were in a store. If the answer is no then it's time for that item to leave your wardrobe forever to make room for your new look. This will help reduce the time you spend looking for the right outfit to wear and makes enough room for your new clothes to be taken care of rather than getting lost in the back of the wardrobe. You don't need to throw them away, give them to a friend or donate them to charity. You could even sell them if they're still in good condition to fund your new wardrobe.

Have a plan of action

If there's a specific event coming up then it's time to go shopping. The best way to find the outfit that you are going to love is to dress up to shop. Have your hair the way you will to the occasion and your make up. Also if you already have the shoes then take them with you so that you can see the whole outfit before making your decision. Donât forget to wear underwear without a VPL as this will let you look great whatever outfit you choose.

Dress it up

Buy a plain pair of flats as part of your new wardrobe but also purchase accessories that you can add for special occasions including clip on earrings and bows. Go for a colour that will suit anything. That way you will always have a comfortable pair of shoes for all occasions that you can dress up or down. Don't forget to purchase a pair of killer heels for those occasions where flats just won't do.

Get a well-fitting jacket

Finding a jacket that looks as good on you as the store model is about getting the right size. You will need to find one that fits your shoulders otherwise it can ruin the whole look of your outfit and itâs difficult to tailor this area so if it doesn't fit right leave it right there in the store and search for another.

Showing the right amount of skin

When shopping for your new wardrobe always make sure you don't overdo the showing of skin. A little can be sexy but too much leaves little to the imagination and doesn't give a ladylike look. Instead always remember to show only one part of skin per outfit such as if you wish to show your cleavage then ensure you don't show your legs and vice versa. Leaving something to the imagination is the sexiest way to dress.

Shop for your body shape

By now you will know what clothes do and don't look good on you. If you struggle take a friend with you. Don't opt for an outfit because it's a smaller size and you can squeeze into it. Instead opt for something that fits well and is comfortable. No one is going to see the label and often going up a size can be more flattering than wearing one that is a bit too clingy.

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