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Long Wearing Makeup For Eyes: Eye Shadow That Won't Crease & Fade

Getting eyeshadow to last all day or night isn't easy, particularly difficult in the warm months of summer. For women with oily skin, eye makeup can seem to vanish within a few hours of application, regardless of climate, says permanent makeup London salon owner, Janette Vince.

Many cosmetic companies claim that their eyeshadows are crease proof or long-wearing. I have tried most of these items, and, at least on these women with an oily T-zone who suffers through Michigans hot, humid summers, they dont live up to their claims.

Long-wear Cream Eye Shadow

Bobbi Brown, the makeup artist with the eponymous line of cosmetics, offers a collection of cream shadows that lives up to the promise. Her long-wear cream shadow formula has been awarded both Elle Magazine's "Genius Award" and the Golden Compact Award for Best Eye Shadow. This shadow is easy to apply and stays in place until stripped off with makeup remover.

How to Apply Cream Eye Shadow

If you have never used cream shadow, do not fear. These shadows are easily applied either with the finger or with a brush. When applied with the finger, the result is sheer colour. With the use of a cream shadow brush (also available from Bobbi Brown), the shadow can be applied more heavily, in layers, for a more dramatic result.

For Those Who Prefer Powder Shadows

Cream shadows can be trickier to apply than powders, and for older, mature skin, many creams may accentuate lines, mainly if the shadow is metallic or very sparkly. If cream shadow does not appeal to you, purchase a light, neutral, matte cream shadow to use as a base, applied lightly over the entire eyelid. Then apply powder shadow on top. Bobbi Brown also offer powder shadows with exceptional staying power in a variety of colours and finishes, including matte, shimmer, sparkle and metallic.

Using Eye Shadows as Eye Liner and to Fill Brows

An eyeshadow that stays in place well can also do double, or triple duty, to function as an eyeliner and brow filler. A shade of powder eyeshadow slightly lighter than the brows can be brushed on and blended to fill in bare spots and better define the brows. Either cream and powder shadow, in darker shades, can be applied with a fine brush at the lash line to line eyes, reducing the number of different cosmetic products you need, as well as saving you money.

How to Choose the Right Eye Shadow

With youth on your side, you can rock just about any shadow. Women who've experienced a bit more life should be more selective in their choice of eyeshadow. Shadow makeup for mature skin should not include extremely glittery metallics or super-saturated colours.

The Bobbi Brown website has makeup artists available through live chat, email and by phone to assist customers in choosing the best makeup for their individual needs. The site also often offers free shipping and free tester sizes with a purchase.

The larger Macys department stores are another place to find Bobbi Brown cosmetics. But call first, since this line may not be available at Macys in smaller towns. Buying from the makeup counter offers the advantage of being able to try before you buy, and get even more personalised recommendations on makeup formulations and colours.


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