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None Of Us Are New To The Term Emotional Eating And The Fact Of How Badly It Effects Our Health

Try some of these simple tricks to stop or at the very least put boundaries to your emotional eating habits:

Focus On The Issue Its common knowledge that the first thing we do when we are stressed or emotionally down is to eat food, not just any food but the food that contains a great amount of fat. It should be kept in mind that emotional eating is not the real issue but springs as a counter for the real issue. Recognizing the reason why you are emotional or stressed and figuring out how to face this issue will definitely stop you from ruining your diet.

Try Mindful Eating Being a mindful eater means to eat slowly, savoring every bite, taking in the aroma and overall really appreciating the food. By being completely present while consuming your food, it will enable you to identify whats good and whats bad for your body as you get used to it. Thus whenever you start becoming stressed you will have full control over your cravings.

Think Of Whats To Come Whenever your craving food due to emotional instability, just imagine what giving into your cravings will do to you in the long run. More specifically, imagine yourself with a couple of more pounds, the difficulties of going through a diet to slim down but most of all think how youll feel about yourself. This should give you the courage and strength you need to stop yourself. Eat On Time Only Get in to the habit of eating when you are actually hungry. When emotional eaters binge eat, they mostly do so when they are hungry. This only leads to them eating more than they ate before but the food is much unhealthier. So, when you feel hungry eat only nourishing, high in vitamins, healthy food that is good for your health to teach your body that its not in starvation mode.

Deep Breathing Helps I know it sounds simple but it is extremely effective. Getting oxygen to the brain enables you to make better choices, to think more clearly and to better understand the situation. This is true especially, when you are stressed or emotionally unstable. So the next time you have a craving for high fat food, just breathe in deeply, reconsider your actions and you should get through it.

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