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The Three Best Buy Elliptical Trainers

In recent years elliptical trainers appear to have taken over from treadmills as the exercise machine of choice for many people. No doubt you are aware of the numerous models available in the market place, such as the one reviewed in the video below:

The product in the video is only one of the many available, but how do you choose between them? A decision on price alone will not do, you need information on performance of the machine is just as important. Here we will look at three of the best elliptical trainers available in the market for price and performance.

Nordic Track CX 990:

The better quality elliptical trainers usually come to market priced at anything around one thousand dollars and upwards but this one is a rare exception. It is one of the best on the market and comes as high quality at a very keen price. Specifically this Nordic trainer comes with an integral incline facility that can be adjusted from flat to 30% incline easily. Coupled with the 10 levels of motion resistance that can be changed at will, this gives the opportunity of comprehensive control of your workout intensity usually found only on much more expensive elliptical trainers. It comes complete with a one year warranty rather than the ninety day warranty found on cheaper machines. This makes it a safer investment and therefore would appeal to consumers looking to make regular ongoing use as part of a planned fitness program, yet need to keep within a defined budget of less than one thousand dollars.

Smooth CE 3.2:

Given its competitive price and extensive features, this is a main contender for first prize in the value-for-money category of elliptical trainers. The technical specification of the main frame is high and comes with a heavy duty electromagnetic braking system coupled to a heavy duty flywheel. It offers a remote wireless heart rate monitor to augment the integral HRM integrated into the handgrips which are Smooth's own technology not available to others. It comes complete with pivot foot pedals to reduce risk of injury while peddling and a well laid out dashboard giving nine ergonomic workout programs at a touch of a button. The machine is specifically designed to keep full body movement aligned with the frame, thus reducing a potential risk of injury found in some other manufacturers machines. This also allows for a more comfortable workout during full body exertion. This elliptical trainer comes in as good value for money in its price range.

Procor EFX 5.33

If you are looking for a very top value for money elliptical machine, then the Procor 5.33 is for you. This machine is in use in health clubs across the country and is a formidable elliptical trainer. When bought for the home it takes away the need to join or go to the gym with the accompanying savings in charges etc. and allows you to choose your own timetable and type of workouts depending how you feel at the time. The machine is not cheap at over three thousand dollars, so it will take a little while for gym cost savings to repay the purchase price, but it comes with top of the line facilities. It appears to outperform any of its cheaper competitors for quality of manufacture, craftsmanship and performance that can be achieved during workouts. Little wonder then that despite the cost this machine is a high end favorite. It will save dollars over a long period as it will run without fault for many years before needing replacing. This makes it one of the best investments you can make in an elliptical trainer machine (if you have the budget).

All three of these elliptical trainers offer something different and the choice between them is yours, but should you wish to further research for the best elliptical trainers on the market, then I recommend a visit to, where you will find a number of reviews of other machines on the market which may be suitable.


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