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Top 5 Facial Creams For Men

You are doing well when you include a facial cream in your every months budget. Without a facial cream, your face will look aged, wrinkled and dehydrated. However, the quest of finding the best facial cream for men is a daunting challenge. Here are 5 creams, which take the lead in the market that you would like to select from the next time you stop at the beauty shop.

1. Lab Series & Age Rescue/Water_Charged Gel Cream

Lab Series has been designed to make your facial skin remain hydrated for more than 24 hours. It is also good at reducing dreaded lines that appear on your face. Because the facial cream is oil-free, it can be applied on any skin. Among the notable ingredients that make the cream stand out, are peptides and ginseng, which are responsible for the reduction of wrinkles.

2. Perricone MD Nourishing Cream

Perricone MD Nouring cream may scare you because of its price tag, but it is worth trying it. The cream has been called Mens facial savior thanks to its polyphenols, tocotrienols, and neuropeptides, properties that are esteemed for maximum skin repair. It is also respected for offering long-time hydration, and softening wrinkles.

3. Wellman Anti_Aging Cream

Wellman comes with an added ingredient, making it many mens number one consideration. It has factor 15 of the suns protection. It is ideal for those who stay out for long hours during warmer seasons like summer and spring.

Wellman is also equipped with ant-aging properties. Although it has been described as having a thin layer during application, it is serves the purpose of sealing the fine lines of the face, protects men again harmful UV rays and provides facial hydration for more than 18 hours.

4. Thalgo Regenerating Cream

If you have a skin that is damaged or believe that, your skin has lost its firmness, look no further. Thalgo is the answer because it has a remarkable quality record of being the most reliable, powerful, and pricey facial cream.

For better results, it is recommended that you start applying Thalgo Regenerating Cream at a tender age. You will remain with a vibrant facial skin even as you advance in age.

5. Nivea Men Cream

Nivea have been in the beauty industry for a long time. During this time, they have managed to surprise the world with amazing beauty products. Nivea for men is one of those products that do not cause any burning on the face, no irritation, and it is relatively odorless.

There are definitely several other brands out there or you prefer using a particular brand, but there is no doubt that the aforementioned facial creams for men are worth trying.

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