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Stationary Vs. Recumbent Bicycle

When considering buying the best exercise bike, one of the first questions is whether to get a stationary or recumbent bicycle. While some people will have a strong preference, other people want to know the differences so they can get the best exercise bike for their needs. Stationary bicycles differ from the recumbent as far as the position is concerned.

In the recumbent bike, the rider's body more easily fits into the frame. It is a wonderful way to increase the blood flow and strengthen the leg muscles. In the recumbent bike, people can relax and do exercises without stressing the lower back of the body. In fact, this is one of the primary reasons people choose a recumbent bike. Using the recumbent bike will help to decrease the body fatigue and reduce the muscle soreness and may help to prevent injuries.

Stationary bikes force the riders in the posture favored by the traditional bicycle. Generally a person can get a better workout, burning more calories with a stationary bike than with a recumbent bike. It is convenient but at the same time induces more stress on the back. People suffering from back injuries are usually not able to exercise on the stationary bike.

The rider will usually sit in a more hunched position accompanied by bending the neck. It can cause long-term problems to the individual. More people complain about soreness and fatigue using a stationary bike versus a recumbent bike. In addition, the seat of the stationary bike is small and can cause more strain on the hips. If you are doing regular exercise, the buttocks can become painful over a period of time. On the other hand recumbent bikes are more comfortable. They have larger seats and do not create stress on the joints. The lower back is supported by the back seat so that injuries are not aggravated.

Apart from being more comfortable, recumbent bikes are safer since you do not have climb on the bike and do exercises. Moving the legs in a relaxed position would provide a good exercising opportunity without straining the other parts of the body.

People who are suffering from neurological problems such as a pinched nerve should use a recumbent bike. It allows for a work out o can burn a lot of calories and tone the legs and enhance the overall fitness of the body. If you are suffering the bouts of arthritis, exercise can be helpful. Although putting stress on these joints using a stationary bike would cause more pain. In this instance a recumbent bike would be a better choice. Backs and hip muscles could be improved with the help of the recumbent bikes also.


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